about me

I'm a Texan through and through. I've been married to my husband Danny for 40 years, quite an accomplishment these days. We have six wonderful children and adore our family. And the grandkids, oh my goodness!

Our oldest daughter Jennifer and her husband Aaron live outside of Granbury, Texas. They have 3 amazing kids, Charis-14, Tate-12, and Simon-8. They are a precious family and those children are such a delight! Jennifer and Aaron both work at North Central Texas Academy; Jen teaches first grade and Aaron teaches both US and Texas History and is a coach as well. Living on a farm has been a great experience for all of them. The only thing that could make it better is if it were a 10 minute drive from here!

Next, our daughter Sarah and her husband Peter live right here in Amarillo, Texas. They have 4 adorable children, Titan-12, Sophie-10, Lincoln-7, and Millie-5. I get to spend a lot of time with these sweeties and I'm so grateful. Peter works for Pioneer Construction and he and Sarah both have businesses selling some amazing handmade items they create in their "spare time". Check them out here

Our son Josh lives here in Amarillo too, for which we are very grateful. He works with us in our new company, Davis Family Construction. His business sense, talent, creativity and character are amazing and we're so proud of him. He recently married Celia who is a beautiful (inside and out) addition to our family. The family photo below is from their wedding in April of this year! Celia is a hairstylist at Muze Hair Salon. My mom and Danny's mom are included in this photo too!

 Creativity comes from the heart and the skill to bring it to life comes from experience. Everyone has something to bring to the table. Let's create something together!

My Family - April 2016